Real estate website optimization plan implementation of share

1.URL design principles:

good URL: clear, brief, static, cyclic.

2. home add site map

1. important pictures alt attribute

tools to make good map file.

1.1 short URL, to the user and search engine friendly (user easy entry and easy to remember URL, as short as possible)

3. to search engine submission site map

there is no need to add the ALT option or options; no need to fill the content.

for internal links, users can not only in the reading process, and obtain the current page related content, but also enhance the role of the core keywords.


real estate website, because of the huge amount of information, the page number, the internal optimization work done is the need for a detailed plan and implement the. The author provides the practical implementation of the programme of work is, for reference only.

web site map add at the bottom of this entrance, to establish a good navigation for users, is the main channel and column list, special website.

Specification for design of The work focuses on the optimization of

into home, real estate projects list page, content page and other real estate information page, can be designed to automatically generate the form, but to the best modification in the background.

A. to create a keyword list, the fields are: key point link.

website code, optimize the structure of

entrance Solution:

sitemap can have the following two submitted methods:

A. in robots.txt Sitemap:贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/sitemaps.xml, added: this method is suitable for Yahoo, MSN, noble baby.

The first part: the optimization of

4. to establish the internal link replacement mechanism.


1.2 URL to be unified, and can only use a format. Using Pinyin initials or English.

B. to submit Google webmaster tools, you can get more help, this method is only suitable for noble baby.


channel page, column page, page directory by static fixed form, fixed after no change. The content of the page using the pseudo static form. Such as: 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/xf 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/xf/abc.htm



The second part: