John Lloyd Young on Bringing a Taste of Jersey to London, Working with Clint Eastwood and More

first_img It must be interesting performing this show in a land where the word “Jersey” has numerous meanings—a sweater or one of the Channel Islands, for starters—that have nothing to do with New Jersey. And don’t forget the famously milk-producing Jersey cows! I suppose that I have so far felt a little bit with the English audience that there is a learning curve at the beginning of the show where they’re thinking, “What is this going to be?” But by the middle of the first act through to the end, they’re with it all the way. How does it feel to return to the show after being away for a bit? It’s been like jumping back on a bicycle. What was it like being directed by Clint Eastwood? Fast! We shot in 40 days, and our producer Graham King, who’s a Brit actually and did Argo, told me that he’s used to working with directors who talk fast and shoot slow and Clint was the first one who shoots fast and talks slow. So you had a sense of what your chances might be? Let’s just say that some of the qualities that you might think disqualify you from a lot of things can also end up being the key to your career. For example, with Frankie Valli you’ve got to have a very specific Italian look and a high voice that can sing the part and a shorter stature and be slight of build. There’s a certain cocktail of qualities that you have to have and that limits the pool. John Lloyd Young needs no introduction as the defining Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, the international musical smash hit in which he has been starring off and on for almost nine years. He won a 2006 Tony Award for his performance on Broadway, returning to the New York production last year only then to be tapped by the director Clint Eastwood to star in the film version of the musical, due for release June 20. As if that weren’t enough, actor is currently leading the transfer of the Olivier Award-winning West End production from the Prince Edward to the Piccadilly Theatre. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Not a chance, as the personable performer explains to two performances into his six-week London engagement. Some Oscar pundits are already touting you as a possible Best Actor nominee next year. I haven’t even seen the movie yet, and I may even wait till the premiere, so I don’t have any clue what I’m going to think of it. But I do know what it felt like to be on set, and it felt as if we were getting really good things. Anything beyond that to do with awards is clearly out of my hands. I’d rather have more work as an actor than some award on my shelf any day of the week. Your arrival on the West End is being heralded as the “best thing to ever happen to British theater since Shakespeare.” Well, Shakespeare has evolved then, I guess—though I’ll tell you, there are moments in this show that reach Shakespearean heights. Did he say anything to you backstage afterward? We said hello, but it was all very quick because he keeps things very close to the vest and so do I. I was polite and kept it short and thanked him for being there—and the next time I saw him was on set. Still, I bet your association with this role is going to be hard to top. Perhaps, but I don’t really think of “topping” something in terms of finding a better role. What I do think of constantly is racking up life experience. I have other things in my life that are so fun for me like art and music. It’s about letting the universe present itself to me and taking the best out of what life has to offer.center_img Did the movie feel like the stage show simply put up on the screen? Well, because it’s written by Marshall [Brickman] and Rick [Elice], it’s very close in essence to what you’ve seen and know, but because it’s a film, it goes deeper. For instance, whereas we meet Frankie’s daughter once in the stage show, in the movie, she is played by three different actresses as she grows up. View Comments Between returning to the Broadway production last year and coming to London, you starred in the Clint Eastwood-directed film version. That’s right, and I go directly from this London engagement to promoting the movie. The whole thing has been kismet. That’s amazing considering how infrequently stage stars are tapped to recreate their roles on film. Yes, although as you can imagine when the idea of the movie came up, I did some research into Hollywood history to see what the chances were of my getting to do the role, and it appears that the performer who gets passed over most often is the female star whereas often times the male star has gotten to do the role—Rex Harrison with My Fair Lady or Robert Preston with The Music Man, among others. Do you see yourself returning to this role at regular intervals in years to come? I don’t know. Frankie in our show does start at age 16 and it would be kind of awkward to be 50 and playing a 16-year-old. No disrespect to the Jersey Boys family at all, but I do hope to find some other roles as well. What was it like reprising the part on film? The most amazing thing right at the beginning was that I didn’t have to audition. What happened was that I was back in New York in the show for nine months, when Clint got attached to the project and started seeing the various Jersey Boys companies around the country, so he saw the show on Broadway when I happened to be in it—that was my de facto audition. Tell me about appearing alongside a British cast. Are you ever tempted to correct a rogue accent? Not at all. I sometimes notice a little bit of a tinge of something here and there but nothing that in any way upsets the apple cart.last_img read more

Master 4-H’ers

first_imgSome 175 Georgia 4-H’ers met in Atlanta July 19-22 to vie for 48 coveted Master 4-H’er titles, the youth organization’s highest honor.Students across the state competed in a variety of categories from photography to public speaking and communications to companion animal science. They gave 12-minute demonstrations and prepared portfolios of their research and service project areas. Expert judges evaluated their work and interviewed them.“We had a wonderful week with young people competing for master 4-H status. We’ve been entertained by 4-H’ers, inspired by 4-H’ers, and we know the future is bright with 4-H,” said Arch Smith, Georgia state 4-H leader. “For all these children, it’s been a between five- to eight-year journey. They’ve been looking forward to state competition for a while. And now some have won, and some didn’t win. But for all of them, they now have a set of life skills that will be with them for years to come.”When polled, the majority of this year’s winners credited 4-H for building their public speaking, confidence and leadership skills.“I can take the leadership skills that I gain in 4-H and use them in non-4-H related events,” said newly named Master 4-H’er Matthew Pace. “I can use my public speaking skills to communicate with others, and I believe 4-H has shaped and molded me into the person I am today.”This year’s winners, projects and donors, listed by their home counties are:BARTOWMary-Clayton Gilbert, daughter of Dr. Tom and Regina Gilbert of Cartersville, won in performing arts – vocal, sponsored by Six Flags/White Water.BULLOCHCharity Greene, daughter of Carl and Sophie Greene of Statesboro, won in target sports, sponsored by Mr. Speer Burdette (Callaway Foundation) and Ms. Catherine Boddie Linz.BUTTSSarah Hicks, daughter of Ty and Laura Hicks of Jackson, won in history, sponsored by Mr. Arch Smith and the Georgia 4-H Foundation.Morgan Hutcheson, daughter of Randy and Alison Hutcheson of Jackson, won in performing arts – general, sponsored by Six Flags/White Water.CALHOUNMarlena Collins, daughter of Marty and Diana Collins of Edison, won in performing arts – dance, sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Burley Page.CANDLER Brittany Spaid, daughter of David and Pat Spaid of Metter, won in sheep and meat goats, sponsored by Dr. Jim and Renee Williamson.Marcie Franklin, daughter of Brad and Angie Franklin of Metter, won in sports, sponsored by White Water.CHATHAMKevin Morris, son of Mark and Martha Morris of Savannah, won in conservation of natural resources, sponsored by the Georgia 4-H Foundation.CHATTOOGAMatthew Pace, son of Wayne and Kari Pace of Lyerly, won in beef, sponsored by Dr. Jim and Renee Williamson.COLQUITTSamantha Price, daughter of Billy Ray and Maureen Price of Moultrie, won in food safety and preservation, sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Gary Keve.COWETASteven Waldrop, son of Michele Waldrop of Newnan, won in arts and crafts, sponsored by Mr. Marian S. Fisher and the Georgia 4-H Foundation.Jesse Robertson, daughter of Tony and Martha Robertson of Newnan, won in poultry and egg science, sponsored by Perdue Farms and the Georgia Poultry Federation.EFFINGHAMDanielle Paulk, daughter of Schel and Terri Paulk of Guyton, won in performing arts – piano, sponsored by Six Flags/White Water.EVANSShoya Collins, daughter of Jessie and Sandra Collins of Claxton, won in computers, sponsored by the Georgia 4-H Foundation.FLOYDMorgan Smith, son of Donn and Marcia Smith of Silver Creek, won in dairy foods, sponsored by the Georgia 4-H Foundation.FORSYTHKelli Mitchell, daughter of Lorraine and Randy Mitchell of Cumming, won in environmental science, sponsored by Mrs. Gale Cutler (Georgia Cooperative Council, Inc.).Laura Turner, daughter of Paul and Lisa Turner of Cumming, won in fashion revue, sponsored by the Georgia Master 4-H Club.GWINNETTSterling Hendon, son of Deno and Debra Hendon of Lilburn, won in housing and environment, sponsored by Mr. Bucky Cook.HALLSydney Roach, daughter of Kim Reignier of Flowery Branch, won in international, sponsored by Equifax.HARALSONEve Dennis, daughter of Mitch and Tina Dennis of Buchanan, won in festive foods for health, sponsored by Publix Super Market Charities.HART Rachel Rice, daughter of Charles Rice of Hartwell, won in plant and soil science, sponsored by the Georgia Plant Food Educational Society, Inc.Wilson Pierce, son of Mike and Linda Pierce of Hartwell, won in pork production, sponsored by the Georgia Pork Producers Association and the Georgia 4-H Foundation.HENRYHannah Brown, son of Marcus Brown and Tracy Guage of McDonough, won in entomology, sponsored by Georgia Pest Control Association and the University of Georgia Entomology Department.Danny Dorminy, son of John and Ann Dorminy of McDonough, won in power and energy, sponsored by Mr. Mike and Ms. Karen Garrett.JACKSONElla Sims, daughter of Bill and Catherine Sims of Commerce, won in companion animal science, sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Bill Sell, Mr. and Mrs. Terry England (The Homeport Farm Mart) and Mr. and Mrs. Greg Price.JENKINSLavonte Lovette, son of Burman and LaSwan Spells of Millen, won in food fast and fit, sponsored by Dr. M. K. Cook.LOWNDESZach Allen, son of Jody and Christie Allen of Valdosta, won in communications, sponsored by the Georgia 4-H Volunteer Leader Association.MITCHELLMelody Harper, daughter of Tom and Lynnette Harper of Pelham, won in photography, sponsored by Georgia Magazine and Mr. Jim and Ms. Barbara Smith.MONROETess Hammock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Randall Hammock of Forsyth, won in public speaking, sponsored by Farm Credit Associations of Georgia and Mr. Kaleb McMichen.MORGANVictoria Cagle, daughter of Jim and Shannon Cagle of Newborn, won in dairy and milk science, sponsored by the Georgia 4-H Foundation.OCONEEAllison Barnes, daughter of Chuck and Lindsey Barnes of Watkinsville, won in family resource management sponsored by Ms. Katrina Bowers (Sarah L. Huff Fund).Savannah Lockman, daughter of Joe Lockman and Nanci Nix of Watkinsville, won in health, sponsored by Ms. Ellinore Nicholson.Bennett Guthrie, son of Larry and Rae Guthrie of Athens, won in outdoor recreation, sponsored by Six Flags/White Water.Kayla Bannister, daughter of Laura Bannister of Watkinsville, won in safety, sponsored by Mr. Kirby Thompson (Georgia 4-H Foundation).Heidi Schroeder, daughter of Robert and Anna Marie Harrison of Watkinsville, won in textiles, merchandising and interiors, sponsored by Mr. Kirby Thompson (Georgia 4-H Foundation).PICKENSJustin Fellenbaum, son of Jenny Fellenbaum of Ball Ground, won in fruits, vegetables and nuts, sponsored by Ms. Dot Knox (Meadows-Knox Family Fund).Crystal Buckingham, daughter of Rodney and Traci Buckingham of Jasper, won in human development, sponsored by Mr. Al Parker (GAE4-HA).PIERCEChris Kimbrell, son of Casey and Tammy Kimbrell of Mershon, won in veterinary science, sponsored by Ms. Clare B. Reagan (Georgia Veterinary Medical Association) and Ms. Brenda Bullard (Georgia Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary).SUMTER COUNTYMorgan Bowen, daughter of Eric and April Bowen of Americus, won in general recreation, sponsored by Mr. Jimmy Gisi (Georgia Recreation and Parks Association, Inc.).Matthew Bowen, son of Eric and April Bowen of Americus, won in wildlife and marine science, sponsored by Mr. Kirby Thompson (Georgia 4-H Foundation).TAYLORWill Jones, son of Joni Jones of Butler, won in performing arts – other, sponsored by Six Flags/White Water.TIFTAnna Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Johnson of Tifton, won in forestry/wood science, sponsored by Mr. Bill Lott, Paulding Timber Products, Inc. and the Georgia 4-H Foundation.Conor Dunn, son of Jim and Patty Dunn of Omega, won in physical, biological and earth sciences, sponsored by Mr. Jimmy Champion, Georgia Plant Food Educational Society, Inc.THOMASSunnie Wynn, daughter of Henry and Carol Wynn of Pavo, won in horse, sponsored by Mr. Kirby Thompson (Georgia 4-H Foundation).TURNERJessica Bell, daughter of Tim and Linda Bell of Sycamore, won in flowers shrubs and lawns, sponsored by Mr. David Skinner (Georgia Development Authority).WALTONKristin Phillips, daughter of Neal and Robin Phillips of Loganville, won in dog care and training, sponsored by Ms. Clare B. Reagan (Georgia Veterinary Medical Association).Maggie Polson, daughter of Mark Polson and Leanne Davis of Monroe, won in food fare, sponsored by Mr. David Skinner (Georgia Development Authority). WILKESAmanda Wood, daughter of Brian and Joy Wood of Washington, won in workforce preparation and career development, sponsored by Mr. Bob Anderson (Emerson Climate Technologies).To learn more about Georgia 4-H, visit read more

Dogs and the constitution help kids learn the appellate process

first_imgDogs and the constitution help kids learn the appellate process June 1, 2005 Regular News Dogs and the constitution help kids learn the appellate process Pinellas Park High School won the first Florida Appellate Competition, which involved writing briefs and presenting oral arguments at the Supreme Court in a hypothetical canine search case.Serving as an extension of the high school mock trial competition, coordinated by the Florida Law Related Education Association, the new appellate program was first conceived by Chief Justice Barbara Pariente and incorporates both a brief writing and oral argument component.The high school mock trial case was written by attorney Laurie Chane and incorporated an issue on appeal.Teams of students submited briefs that were judged by a panel of attorneys from the Young Lawyers Division, which provided funding and support for the program. Winning brief writers presented oral arguments in each of the state’s district courts of appeal. One team from each appellate district traveled to Tallahassee to compete for the state title.Annette Boyd Pitts, FLREA’s executive director, said FLREA hopes to expand the program to reach the size and popularity of the state high school mock trial program.last_img read more

Explainer: When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready?

first_imgAround the world, politicians, drugmakers and regulators offer contradictory outlooks on when a COVID-19 vaccine will be ready. Much depends on what ‘ready’ means and for what group of people. Some key questions around the timeline are:When will we know a vaccine works? More than half a dozen drugmakers around the world are conducting advanced clinical trials, each with tens of thousands of participants, and several expect to know if their COVID-19 vaccines work and are safe by the end of this year. Several drugmakers are building manufacturing capacity so they can begin production as soon as vaccines are approved by regulators. Some efforts are backed by a US government program called ‘Operation Warp Speed’.Fauci told Reuters he expects “tens of millions” of doses to be available in early 2021, and that by the end of the year there could be more than a billion. That contrasts with more optimistic guidance from US President Donald Trump, who said a vaccine could be ready before the Nov. 3 presidential election, though he did not define ‘ready’.Several companies, including Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer Inc, say they each expect to make more than 1 billion doses next year. That could mean several billion available by the end of 2021.When can I get it?First supplies late this year or early next would likely go to those in rich nations who are deemed by governments to work in essential industries or who are at greatest risk from the virus. That is likely to include people with other issues such as diabetes, healthcare workers, and members of the military.Countries including Canada, Japan, Britain, and the United States have locked in deals putting their citizens first in line for inoculations as they become broadly available during 2021.Most vaccines are being tested as two shots given a month apart, giving full strength protection only after the second shot is administered.When will the world be inoculated?The wait time for COVID-19 vaccines will likely be longer for people in developing countries, which don’t have early supply deals. Some may struggle to pay for vaccines that could cost upwards of $40 per person, said Hotez.”I am worried that Operation Warp Speed vaccines will not reach developing countries any time soon,” Hotez said.Gavi, a vaccine alliance for developing countries, aims to secure 2 billion doses of vaccine in 2021, enough to inoculate the most vulnerable 20% of the population in poorer countries. Several manufacturers, including the Serum Institute of India, are preparing to manufacture for poor and middle-income countries.Will I be able to get a Chinese vaccine?The Chinese government has authorized some experimental vaccines to be used in select patients outside of clinical trials, making it the first country to have vaccines authorized for wider use.But they are unlikely to be available in the West any time soon. Domestic regulators would need to approve them, and clinical trials by Chinese companies outside of China are still ongoing.What about Russia?President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia had become the first country in the world to grant regulatory approval to a COVID-19 vaccine after less than two months of human testing.The vaccine still has to complete final trials, raising concerns among some experts at the speed of its approval. Still, Russian business conglomerate Sistema has said it expects to put it into mass production by the end of the year. Topics :center_img The most optimistic timeline comes from AstraZeneca Plc , which is running a study in Britain that it says could be completed as early as August.Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious diseases expert, told Reuters last week that a trial by Moderna Inc could produce decisive results by November or December. Others will come later, some much later.Some experts are skeptical that the trials, which must study potential side effects on different types of people, can be completed that quickly. Peter Hotez, the dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, says that collecting enough data to prove a vaccine is safe for the world could take until mid-2021.When will the first shots be ready?last_img read more

EMGS Nets LoI for Two Shoots Offshore Indonesia

first_imgElectromagnetic Geoservices ASA (EMGS) has received letters of intent for two prefunded multi-client acquisitions offshore Indonesia.The two contracts represent a combined minimum gross contract value of USD 2.8 million.Subject to inter alia final and binding contracts for the work, EMGS expects to start the surveys in December 2017.The company did not disclose the name of the client, nor the vessels that will be used for the work.last_img

Digicel Dominica launches its christmas campaign, “Spell Digicel and win”

first_img Share 303 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Tweet LocalNews Digicel Dominica launches its christmas campaign, “Spell Digicel and win” by: – November 21, 2011 Digicel’s Sales & Marketing Manager Mrs Nathalie Walsh, Richard Stanton Country Manager of Digicel Dominica and Michelle Henderson (L-R) seated on front row with the Digicel girls and santa claus at the back and Leroy “Wadicks” CharlesFriday, November 18th 2011 – Roseau, Dominica: Digicel today wowed customers across Dominica with the launch of its Christmas promotion, ‘Spell Digicel and Win’, which this season will give away over $80,000 in prizes including $50,000 cash. The ‘Spell Digicel and Win’ promotion offers all Digicel customers a chance to win cash and prizes weekly and the chance to be one of two finalists who will win cash prizes up to $25,000 each in December and January. Each week from now until January 31st, lucky Digicel customers will walk away with exciting Christmas gifts such as large screen TVs, Digital Cameras, weekends away to Guadeloupe, a getaway at the Rosalie Bay Nature Resort. In addition, every Friday there will be $1,000 up for grabs.Digicel prepaid customers simply have to top up by $15 or more and will receive a text message with a letter from the word ‘Digicel’ and postpaid customers simply ensure their accounts are paid to automatically qualify for the weekly draw. Customers who spell D I G I C E L will be automatically entered into the Grand Draw. Postpaid customers must pay their bill in full and on time to receive an entry. In addition postpaid customers will gain an entry for every $15 paid towards their bill. Digicel Dominica General Manager, Richard Stanton, said; “Digicel is always looking for innovative ways to reward its valued customers and with this Christmas promotion we are doing just that. Each week, we will be bringing dazzling Christmas prizes to our lucky Digicel customers. In December and January we will make two customers up to $25,000 richer giving them a superb start to the New Year.”Digicel is continuing to deliver on its promise to bring the best value to customers in Dominica this season with a range of offers for local, regional and international talk and text plans. Customers should listen to their favorite radio station for other great deals on handsets and more. Happy holiday season to all our loyal Digicel customers!Press ReleaseDigicel Dominicalast_img read more

Bacolod ready to test 500 persons for COVID-19

first_imgDr. CarmelaGensoli, CHO head, reported that they had already swabbed 134 people as ofyesterday (April 4) since the CHO began COVID-testing. According tothe CHO, those will be given priority are medical workers, contact tracers,police officers, emergency responders, and family members of COVID-19patients.  Specimens weresent to the DOH biolab in Iloilo.   Specimens willbe sent to the Department of Health biolab in Iloilo City for processing. Another batch of swabs is expected next week.center_img The 500 swabsnow available for use are in addition to the 134 swabs already done. (With Bacolod City PIO/PN) BACOLOD City –The City Health Office here is now equipped to test up to 500 persons forcoronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). last_img read more

Eto’o set for Chelsea debut

first_img “He is a player adapted to the style of play we want in our team which is a bit contradictory to the general style and philosophy in the Premier League. “We are not any more a physical, direct team. We want to use the qualities of our attacking players in a different way. “His movement is very intelligent. He knows exactly the kind of movement he has to do to give continuity to the attacking game. He has a natural appetite for goals and he will score a few goals for us and he will give us experience. “Everybody is very young, for example against Bayern Munich (in the Super Cup) Andre Schurrle, Oscar and Eden Hazard were all under 22. So Samuel is a player to add experience to a young part of the pitch.” Mourinho insisted that it was imperative to have three main strikers at his disposal as Eto’o takes his place along with Fernando Torres and Demba Ba in the squad. “If sometimes I have to risk one point to get three I do it almost every time,” Mourinho explained. “Against Manchester United I didn’t because I felt it was an important point. But I like to have strikers on the bench and I like to finish matches with two of them. That’s why this group of three is fundamental. It is very rare I don’t make changes.” Mourinho and Eto’o have had their differences in the past and when Eto’o was with Barcelona he vowed he would never play for the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’. Mourinho, however, laughed off such instances and said: “You have to be experienced and smart and know the football world is very small. Sometimes you say things and a few years later you are faced with a difficult situation. The 32-year-old Cameroon international, signed from Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala in the summer transfer window, is likely to start on the bench when Chelsea take on Everton at Goodison Park in the late afternoon game on Saturday. Mourinho said: “He will be selected and when you are selected and you are a striker you play, you start or finish the game but normally my attacking players when selected play because it is the area where I make more changes during the match. So normally he will play his first minutes for Chelsea in the Premier League. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes Samuel Eto’o can supply the old head which can give his side the perfect blend of youth and experience in their quest for the Premier League title. “I had a funny situation with (Portugal midfielder) Deco. Deco was in Porto, I was in Leiria. In November we play Leiria against Porto. In the match we exchanged some hot words and two weeks later I was Porto manager. “So I come into the dressing room and the first thing I did was look at Deco and he was looking to his knees, but when we are on the same side everything changes. And Samuel with me at Inter Milan was a golden period for both of us and here he is again.” Mourinho admitted he believed Tottenham had been the big winners in the summer transfer window, strengthening their squad with the cash they received for Gareth Bale, but he was also surprised that Real Madrid had let £43million Mesut Ozil join Arsenal. “I’m surprised Madrid have let him go but that’s football,” said Mourinho. “That’s the market. Ozil left a big club but comes to the biggest league in the world. If Madrid sold him it was because it was good for them. I am happy a big player like him comes to the Premier League.” Mourinho also insisted Spanish midfielder Juan Mata, who has been left on the bench recently, has a future at Chelsea. He said: “He is in the same plans as all the others. He’s a player I like very much. A player I trust a lot and who will fight for his position like everyone else, sometimes starts, sometimes on the bench, sometimes maybe he has not to be selected like everyone else.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Fans group challenges Hull rebrand

first_imgHull fans group City Till We Die will meet owner Assem Allam on Friday to debate his proposal to rename the club Hull Tigers. A range of supporters’ groups have come together under the City Til We Die banner in a bid to stop the change in its tracks and representatives will have the chance to put their case to Allam this week. A statement from the group read: “City Till We Die campaigners will be urging Dr Allam to reconsider his decision to change Hull City’s 109-year-old name, explaining that it is an important part of the local community, and that a rebrand to “Hull Tigers” is not necessary to market the club more successfully. “They will also be calling on the owner to engage in proper consultation with supporters.” Allam revealed in the summer he wanted to rebrand the club and ditch the current Hull City AFC moniker, which has stood for 109 years. He angered fans when he claimed that it was a “lousy identity” and that the ‘City’ suffix was “common”. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Trump Defends Social Distancing Protestors, Shares Suspicions of China Amid Pandemic

first_imgPresident Trump on Saturday defended those who are protesting his administration’s social distancing guidelines and his call for certain states to be “liberated” amid the coronavirus pandemic.During a press briefing, a reporter asked Trump about White House economic advisor Stephen Moore’s statement to The Washington Post that people who are protesting “stay at home orders” are “modern-day Rosa Parks.”Trump said Moore had delivered a “strong statement,” adding that there is “a lot of injustice out there.” He later added that he felt some state governors had taken “stay at home orders” too far.On Thursday, the President said he would allow individual state governors to decide when to relax social distancing guidelines in order to reopen their states’ economies.He also cast doubt on outbreak numbers reported by China. As Dr. Deborah Birx shared a report showing China’s coronavirus mortality rate at 3.3 per 100,000 people, Trump asked, “Does anyone believe those numbers?”China wants Sleepy Joe sooo badly. They want all of those billions of dollars that they have been paying to the U.S. back, and much more. Joe is an easy mark, their DREAM CANDIDATE!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 18, 2020 When asked if China should face the consequences for the pandemic, Trump responded that country should have to face consequences if they “knowingly” spread the virus, but not if the spread was “a mistake.”last_img read more