Several operating points of stable web site keywords ranking

to find the new Shanghai dragon keywords search needs, we must pay attention to the long-term search engine drop-down box and relevant search there is no new changes, if the user needs to change the wave so drop-down box in the default search will appear small, you will find the drop-down box before there will be a few have a simple user search needs new words. For example, in the word Shanghai Longfeng as an example, the author found that the recent Shanghai dragon search, the more out of the Taobao search needs Shanghai dragon, this is before I haven’t noticed, we change according to user needs to adjust the contents of our website, the user needs Everfount shaping quality content, this can be adjusted continuously to meet the needs of the user experience, users can obtain the search engine rankings lasting recognition, rather than released every day some think the quality is no problem in any quality of the site will have its place to learn, only continuous analysis, can be discerned. read more

can’t see Shanghai dragon obsolete Moshou the theory of immutable and frozen

just saw an article entitled "Shanghai dragon is dead" the popular social real-time content on the A5 website. A5 believe that all Internet practitioners are too familiar, this is the famous Adsense website map king. The article pointed out that "Google is making the doings of Shanghai Longfeng obsolete, Shanghai dragon industry will end in the next two years." After reading this article, I of Shanghai Longfeng obsolete theory put forward some personal views.

adhere to adhere to before there are results, can let you give up halfway, always on the road to success. read more

From the rise of the 360 products in the analysis of user experience how to do

remember the Qihoo 360 founder Zhou Hongyi in talking about how to do the user experience is simply to transform itself into SB erlengzi mode to use a product, with a comfortable habit is good. At present, the rapid growth of the number of Internet users China, but not everyone knows how to reinstall the system, killing the virus. Even Chinese IT practitioners, more and more computer fancier grow with each passing day, and the number of Internet users compared to only a very small part of it.

I do not deny that the existence of a Qihoo 360 is bound to induce the user’s consumption behavior is loaded through the browser security guards products, but 360 security products to become the domestic security field of "big brother", which is a good user experience, simple and convenient mode of operation and in line with the Chinese consumer psychology is the inevitable result of habit. read more

How to prevent the original content is collected

will update the content to the URL


at the beginning of the site, a large range of prohibited acquisition

articles within the anchor text link

many webmaster writing habits are at the end of the original article on the copyright information, but such information is not what the real meaning, if you are copying or acquisition, not these information. Of course, in the end put such links or anchor text is not a good habit, only the middle natural keyword or the anchor text link, while others are collected by this article, can bring the link, this loss is not large, as all the chain, to avoid being deleted, how good is the key link. At the end of the article links is that you can see at a glance, in fact, you can add links in the article, the anchor text color can also be set to the ordinary color. Many owners are not careful inspection, in fact it is palliatives. read more

Dai Renguang how about the website of Shanghai dragon weights should be how to improve

            first, we look at what is the weight, in fact we can use another word instead, trust is the search engine, search engine more trust in a web site, will give him a high weight, so to win the trust of the search engine, a a station to get search engine trust, how should do?


            (1) quality content is the foundation, must first be a valuable site, here is the value of many garbage "tricks", but the real for the user to provide information and services. The second is the information site, to know the search engine is the main provider of information retrieval, if your site is not information, but the site navigation site, then the Shanghai Phoenix for you may not be a good way to promote. So a premium content site is favored by search engine. Even if some people don’t understand the pseudo original, you can fool a search engine, but if one day, your weight is down, you are K, you do not strange, it is normal, because you try to interfere with the search engine, search engine in challenge mechanism you are clever. read more

The five should have the consciousness of Shanghai Dragon

continued to dig the long tail of

content of solid


content is solid I always insist on practice, the benefits of doing so is particularly evident, one is able to meet the needs of users to browse and query, let users come to your website content, the two is for search engines, there will be enough for the included, Shanghai dragon help, the three is to promote word-of-mouth if the content of the website, 00 do not what the actual value, so the user does not look so much, not to mention the initiative to help you spread. In fact, the power of word-of-mouth is especially important when the site to a certain time scale will be more obvious. read more

Luo Guibin Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon witness the miracle of the moment

Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon

today inadvertently found "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", Shanghai dragon ER are really awesome. Do the first few pages, as follows:

network security, omitting five hundred words…

more of the most is love in Shanghai after the snapshot, illustrated as well as voice, voice record is quite awesome. Too professional, "Shanghai dragon" PK "hacker", hacker

The importance of

had just discovered in the first row of the description is very special, as described in figure read more

Discussion how the search engines love Shanghai

as everyone knows, love Shanghai platform recently on some sites had baptism, my site is the case, according to the website I made the following questions please master zhijiao.

5 update problem snapshot. Love Shanghai snapshot complaints platform can not say is nominal, simple decoration, complaint will give you good mood, do not wait, the snapshot update should be related to the content and update users to browse the web content in the decision, rather than simply the key word search, so we can all go to brush the flow of love Shanghai platform and new content? Contribution is related to the degree of new content, should be the key keywords ranking, hope to be able to think about. read more

Shanghai, the construction of the chain to achieve four aspects should be considered in mind

Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion everyone has their own experience and methods, these methods and experiences through their own learning and practice it. Well, not only can let oneself not spend too much time in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion process, but also has a very good effect. Many novice webmaster friends always complain about the Shanghai dragon need to spend too much time to deal with, it is too tired, it is difficult to persist, you spent a lot of useless old home, Shanghai dragon should pay attention to efficiency, we are in the most relaxed way to key words do go up, just like today talk about the construction of the chain this some of his own experiences. read more

Do website ranking love Shanghai perseverance to win in the method


two, on the website of the internal links

recently, after a few big love Shanghai, some websites come, some website rankings, some websites has fallen, low content of love Shanghai in the search results is cleared. In August 22nd, Shanghai announcement speech: love love Shanghai to continue the upgrade algorithm. Love Shanghai focus on cleaning up the object is still cheating site and low quality site.


, a good web content

The correlation between


love Shanghai valued website, so to improve website ranking, the chain must do a good job site. In addition to the establishment of the website internal links, the establishment of the website each page link structure, we usually include maintenance of website, in the form of news content page keywords added hyperlinks and related articles recommendation. read more