Shanghai dragon Er how to improve the working efficiency of the chain


chain release time is also very important, such as we do morning afternoon what, what to do, the best according to any difficulty to reasonable arrangements, such as the need to write soft clear mind writing, the best arrangements in the morning this time; after a half day of work, a lot of afternoon will begin to feel fatigue, poor mental state, work to sleep, this time should be arranged more easy, such as forum forum signature, the top post, exchange links, it doesn’t make you feel too tired, there is a reasonable time arrangement can greatly enhance our work efficiency. read more

On site outside the chain has been repeatedly and indefinite


chain is always a ring we pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon in the optimization process at all sites, are inseparable from the construction of the chain, as a personal webmaster every day in the construction of the chain of the longest, but sometimes is not hard return there, the key lies in whether the method right, the choice of the route is effective. Recently on the A5 forum around, see many webmaster ask myself every day in the chain increases, but the chain did not rise but has been in decline, the reason, personally think that the site outside the chain continued to decline the key lies in two aspects, one is the quality of the chain do not reach the search engine the standard, two is the effectiveness of the chain is not long, and can open and not open, this is the same with the space need stability. Today I will explain why the site outside the chain as well as the uncertainty. read more

Technology is just a tool to know and do Shanghai Longfeng departments

We do In fact,

technology, the technology is often more than persistent communication with people, would love to hear a compliment, for non-technical people’s criticism, we often will show resistance mentality, now in retrospect, this is how ridiculous.

in fact, or communication problems. Communication is a skill, that everyone will admit, but as a responsible Shanghai Longfeng staff, how can we learn to communicate with colleagues in other departments between

with Shanghai Dragon Technology in general, now industrial company, many of them with their full-time Shanghai dragon er. I come in before the start, but also in an Internet company from the programmer to Shanghai, this post, in the process of this network company jobs, met a lot now in retrospect let oneself regret and love experience, to share the following. read more

The interpretation of the WeChat Jingdong search logic weakening category

for large and Jingdong, PC end of the list of categories is essential for natural home. But the positioning of WeChat Jingdong in the end online shopping entrance "boutique", more massive commodity is better hidden, users on the platform more actions will focus on not to "find" rather than to "find", so the importance of the weak category list.

WeChat search

noted billion state power network, in WeChat’s online shopping platform, sub categories are hidden in the search function under screening. The user only after certain search keywords, to subdivide the screening in the keyword category. For example, only in the search for "bag", will appear the trend of bag / single shoulder bag, handbag, satchel / fashion / luxury wallets in different categories. read more

The 7 year old share complete portal of Shanghai Longfeng optimization details

The number of

change page


, a search engine optimization overview

network Amoy class

2.5 Title and meta

five, redundant code to remove

7.1 legacy

optimization technology Background and objective:

7.1.2 search function >

3.1 Links text change



recently the company website, is the test site, nothing else will be two this year Amoy class network process optimization over the view of a few times, that benefit, the optimal execution plan is our boss to write, he took the team to do site promotion for nearly 7 years is very powerful, many websites that he did in our industry is one of the best, hope to be able to help the novice like me, I also do Shanghai Longfeng optimization for more than a year, think of Shanghai dragon is the most important to pay attention to the details, they are familiar with to master a set of practical operating methods, and these methods will be applied to the extreme, no have to spend a lot of time to see what method, every day, instead of wasting his precious time, regularly look at some consulting A5 and some other forum will be Shanghai Dragon Look, some of the latest dynamic search engine or network promotion, see some optimization implementation records about the site, there are more than 40 kinds of files, so some things I will omit all the minor details, I think some will pick out the key things, estimates there are many, I will according to the time sequence gradually to share out, hope everyone can look carefully, but this is really dry cargo, ADO into the theme: read more

Real estate website optimization plan implementation of share

1.URL design principles:

good URL: clear, brief, static, cyclic.

2. home add site map

1. important pictures alt attribute

tools to make good map file.

1.1 short URL, to the user and search engine friendly (user easy entry and easy to remember URL, as short as possible)

3. to search engine submission site map

there is no need to add the ALT option or options; no need to fill the content.

for internal links, users can not only in the reading process, and obtain the current page related content, but also enhance the role of the core keywords. read more