From the beginning of ten to the content of the website

web content key point four:

web content key point five: authority

this problem is a problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Original and pseudo original, like a product patent, if there is no certain protection measures, so we see the original content on the Internet will be more and more less. If the network above things is always the immutable and frozen fresh, then the Internet would not exist, the search engine and users love new things, therefore, the original is the first step of website construction. read more

How to make the site a better ways to live

more than two pictures are set-top box website, but a choice of the discuz program, a selection of dedecms program. (just a very good regional screenshots home see the difference) the main emphasis here is on the user experience of the above differences, discuz can well separate set-top box brand type and so on, and also a good dedecms website, mainly in the long tail keywords, to the page as a site for flow into the entrance. Only from the home page contrast, it is difficult to talk about the user experience. (PS: example only for set-top box this product on the analysis, the report’s point of view is to do according to their own products, choose the most suitable for the user experience of the program, rather than their own program). read more

Shanghai Longfeng and everything non lottery

then you have selfless share psychology. A lot of master, write an article, very exciting, but only list the surface, deeper level of operation would not share, do not know why, is afraid that others are more severe or other reasons. Here I don’t know. As we all know, the Internet is a good place to learn and share, if you don’t share what the meaning of it, only to share your progress, to know more friends, and they grow together. Better than one strong independent learning a lot.

5 million first, if you are a friend of this in the first time, how to do, you will not say, will certainly ask him what ah, is a person or machine selection. The chain is the same lottery, the novice will ask, so many of the chain is how to do it, how to build a high quality of the chain, to which the chain platform release and so on. There are a lot of problems. Shanghai dragon general online related articles, have been described, but not deep enough, for the novice to understand, but the specific practice will also encounter many problems. These articles are copied to copy, but did not appear an article is to do the chain has the best effect, one day how much do the chain is the most suitable, the chain is more effective in what place, like the more in-depth articles rarely. So I want to say is, Shanghai dragon industry stakeholders to write more practical and operable articles, can have Shanghai Longfeng specific methods to share with you, believe that the more popular. read more

Website editor knowledge needed to improve the overall optimization effect of Shanghai Dragon

general in the article published, there will be prompt Please enter keywords in the article, or a label (Tag). Then we can post several key as key words. If the content relates to the recent hot events and celebrities, can also use them as keywords to release.


Keywords -Keywords

we need a new publication to get the favour of search engine, get good rankings do? What to write into the Shanghai dragon thinking article? What is the key details below will introduce?.


if the editing ability, creative ability, have a more in-depth understanding of the original of the industry. The original content can give the user a good website to convey information, let users love the information on the website content can produce very strong adhesion, culture become loyal users site. At the same time, high quality. read more

Ceng Yuwen how to update the content owners more reasonable

many webmaster friends update articles are very blind! Even copying others also is no purpose, just want to let oneself become a snapshot of the update! Even to copy some of the more relevant website without content, which affect the user’s reading, and spread the weight of the website! In the station for the update, I feel to keywords for optimization purposes to write an article, or a kind of good method, this article written with the content of the website is certainly relevant, but also promote the keywords ranking, can be said to be a good method for the read more

Now Shanghai dragon still use it

love a series of changes has been the existence of such two questions, first talk about personal thoughts and opinions, welcome you to the shelling.

recently by several stations do not know how to do, before we do almost 10 stations, the website has been updated, the chain is not much to do, are some of the better quality, and a signature didn’t do, but it seems the chain has not done what effect not only, website ranking in front, is punished, this is a very depressing thing. The most unbelievable is the station, being punished, to restore the site after more than a month later, the next station will be punished, as if love Shanghai in a group of a group of punish medical station, do not know what else to do medical friends have no similar experience. read more

Shanghai adjust the chain algorithm about love view summary

firstly, see the specific algorithm:

joined the hidden links in high quality site by scanning the web site vulnerabilities;

program on sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site;

to spend money to buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;

love ShanghaiA

1, relevant, high quality friend chain exchange: the role of a chain is not, but the requirements of the standards of

recommended exchange links 4, ;


Berlin studio think the following can still continue to do, and not in a certain period of time right down: read more

Case analysis the 2014 forum signature chain effect is good


after that, everyone’s love, most often do BBS signature of the chain method in the end there is no use has been discussed in the chain, some useful, some say no, some say only to attract spiders, can not transfer the weight. After the discovery of more and do BBS signature chain is less, the major sites have begun to cancel the forum signature function.

do BBS signature chain I will write original articles, and then to the A5 submission to the webmaster forum to do outside the chain. Did not think this method is really convenient, A5 article in an article will have dozens of people I reprint articles, some will leave me the link to think about BBS signature of the chain is more convenient, but also is the high quality of the chain. Since then, Shao Lianhu is submitted to the soft chain method only used. read more

Love to copy and paste the webmaster and some words of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers

Please copy and paste the

used to copy and paste your website there are others website starting your

prepare relevant materials, for example, to write an article on the "server" article so to find a more persuasive word segment, when writing to some other people can drive the release of words.

changed the original author of the information into their own do not feel very hurt

entered the Shanghai dragon optimization, copy and paste from the beginning to write original articles, first I think copy and paste is very simple and boring work, open the computer to see if there is a daily fresh title and articles on your website, copy paste to release information about others to go, instead of your information. read more

From the Shanghai dragon why Shanghai dragon forum development model of enterprises needs creative

development model forum from Shanghai dragon why, on this line of contact with Shanghai Longfeng people basically have heard the website optimization forum Admin5 Chinaz and Shanghai why several famous dragon. When we appear in the first position is Shanghai dragon when why fell in love with the sea search keywords "Shanghai dragon", indicating that this site is the comparison of success. Registered members of the site, the number of online and posting daily number are quite good, I am also a member of the Shanghai dragon why, through a period of time in contact with this website, I can be seen in a development path to this website, then share with you, hope that if friends want to do similar forms of website may wish to try. read more

Friends from January 15th to 19th payment completedMa Yun, Liu Chuanzhi, Robin Li, Cheng Wei and oth

new retail >

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

‘s top ten entrepreneurs in 2017 planning, Ma: 2017 Alibaba will no longer provide the "electronic commerce", Liu Chuanzhi: in 2017, 8 key investment areas, Yu Minhong: in 2017, as personnel, CIS fate…… Look at the gap between us and big brother,

below to take a look at the top 10 entrepreneurs on 2017 strategic layout done what sort of comb, we and big brother gap is what?…… read more

Affect the quality of content on the website of the

is for many Shanghai dragon Er, content is the source in the easiest, paste from the Internet or similar large web content directly copied, even directly mirroring and acquisition from other websites. But when you make such a decision, whether considered directly reproduced from the Internet content is what kind of damage to the site.

content quality depth impact on the site of the editor (pseudo original depth)

content directly reproduced to our website is very unfriendly to search engines, it will reduce the search engine trust for our site, when a large number of reprint content appear on our website, search engines will reduce the rate of collection of the content of our website, and the website ranking and ranking is also extremely long tail keywords bad. read more

Which of the ten noble baby lay milepost in search technology

route 3. and traffic: once, search engines can only search the web, and then let the baby noble team map search real world become reality. Now you only need to search for "noble baby how far is it to Santa Cruz?", the noble treasure map can tell you how to get to the Santa Cruz, even can give you walk, ride a bike, take the bus and drove to the line, and if you choose to drive, noble baby even be able to help you plan out the best route to avoid traffic jam.


2. translation tools: ten years ago, the noble baby was just a product at the beta stage. Now, every day about 1000000000 noble baby translation requests, involving 80 languages. If you haven’t used the noble baby, can try to enter the "ten years" and its translation into German, you can witness the miracle of the moment. read more

Analysis of the causes of their website snapshot and reduce the back love Shanghai

No. 20 in space, directly snapshot off more than 100, I analyzed the reason, snapshot reduced, about two points:

1. spider crawling, can reflect the level of activity of the spider, the site preference.

ha ha… Know analysis is not correct, I think love Shanghai there is one very important point, that is to look at the web log, this can be very clear understanding of the trends of the spider carefully. There are many websites to see log tools, you can download a look at the web log. I think the log should pay attention to three points. read more

Do website user experience some of the requirements in the design of web page

third, set up a website breadcrumb navigation

when users come to the site, the first sight is the website homepage, web page layout design will directly affect the user’s mood, we usually believe in Internet time is also deep, that is when we came to a page simple and beautiful website when their mood will follow pleasure but, when we see a site when the first reaction is out of order in this site is not formal, will immediately leave the site, of course, in the design of web page also has the appearance of many owners too much home to use a lot of pictures and JS, so as to get home too beautiful, so often will play the opposite role, but also seriously affects the website loading speed, we emphasize the reasonable website design mainly refers to the web page color Color picture design and consistent theme, reflect each other, giving the user a feeling that like nature itself, making the site more authoritative, users pay more attention and love our website. read more

2012 then brilliant Shanghai dragon Er what are we going to do

three, the expansion of construction site outside the chain

we all know to do a website optimization is not only the external optimization, more is to optimize the internal structure of the site, if can optimize, is of great benefit to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er often said such a sentence, the site of the internal links is the site of the nerve, blood vessel. Only a good deal of these, the search engine spiders can smoothly on the site. And the website internal optimization directory structure may include a website, website content website page, 404 error page, if you can be a good optimization of this one, the website keyword ranking is of great benefit. We can look at the "95 wisdom, to hire" Xuzhou network of these two sites, from the enterprise to the post details page details page to the site directory at all, the optimization has done very well, very delicate. Keyword density and position it properly. A lot of long tail keywords get good rankings. It is important to the internal structure of website, hope you can review your website in 2012, to optimize the website, improve the rankings and flow. read more

Shanghai Dragon construction enterprise stand not for beauty but practical


people and different optimization methods between the station and the station has the distinction. Shanghai dragon can be said that there is a routine method of absolute and absolute, regardless of the site structure optimization, the details of content update, the release of the chain, each person may do methods are not the same, the results achieved are also different, so share some experience and experience, as you can an object reference, completely imitate may not have good results. read more

Shanghai dragon how to change thinking to the chain for emperor tomorrow


three, SNS share the chain, some time ago, Shanghai got a share of love is very hot in recent years, with the birth of Web2.0 sharing platform, search engine for this kind of interaction.

But as we have always assumed that the soft

is simulated users, it should be like a little, the chain can not only on a platform, must be diversified, what user forums and blogs are likely to go everywhere, may leave a share. Moreover, an article can not along a pile of Web site, it is also too obvious! I’m afraid I let myself see this article will feel uncomfortable! read more

Several operating points of stable web site keywords ranking

to find the new Shanghai dragon keywords search needs, we must pay attention to the long-term search engine drop-down box and relevant search there is no new changes, if the user needs to change the wave so drop-down box in the default search will appear small, you will find the drop-down box before there will be a few have a simple user search needs new words. For example, in the word Shanghai Longfeng as an example, the author found that the recent Shanghai dragon search, the more out of the Taobao search needs Shanghai dragon, this is before I haven’t noticed, we change according to user needs to adjust the contents of our website, the user needs Everfount shaping quality content, this can be adjusted continuously to meet the needs of the user experience, users can obtain the search engine rankings lasting recognition, rather than released every day some think the quality is no problem in any quality of the site will have its place to learn, only continuous analysis, can be discerned. read more

can’t see Shanghai dragon obsolete Moshou the theory of immutable and frozen

just saw an article entitled "Shanghai dragon is dead" the popular social real-time content on the A5 website. A5 believe that all Internet practitioners are too familiar, this is the famous Adsense website map king. The article pointed out that "Google is making the doings of Shanghai Longfeng obsolete, Shanghai dragon industry will end in the next two years." After reading this article, I of Shanghai Longfeng obsolete theory put forward some personal views.

adhere to adhere to before there are results, can let you give up halfway, always on the road to success. read more