Simeone: “We have to convey that we are alive”

first_img-Koke returns after several games without playing …-It’s coming back, we’ll see if it’s your turn to start from the beginning, but to talk about Koke is to talk about the players that started from the first day I arrived here. He was close to going to Malaga and shared our entire process. Technically he is a different soccer player, he sees more than the others and with him in the field we have more options to create game situations that lead us to the goal.-With Liverpool just around the corner, what challenge does LaLiga put in?-We have all endings, we have a challenge and an important responsibility. We are going to compete with teams that are very good. We don’t go from game to game, we always believed in that. I expect a full stadium understanding the situation of the team and the team understanding the situation of the championship. This is the most important. -It invites the team to go upstairs to play when any player plays. Marcos Llorente has vitality, strength, his acceleration in the transfer of the ball is one of his virtues and the team can progress meters in the field. We need your energy and all the kids that are going to play.-How are the injured?-This week Diego Costa has joined the trainings, they saw him approaching us, he is looking forward to it and the doctors will mark the discharge when appropriate. It is an enthusiasm to have him close, it is important for the group and when we return we will have a player who has always given us a lot.-Real Madrid and Barcelona are out of the Cup. What do you think?-I’m respectful to all teams. We focus on improving, leaving the dynamic that is not good and hopefully people can be, as it has always done and we can transmit to the championship that we are alive.– Does it influence Granada to have Cup semifinals?-Winning is always positive to feed the ego, the pride, the dynamics of competing .. They are worthy of the moment they live, they had a fall, but they have recovered points in LaLiga, they make good football and otherwise they would not reach an end of Copa del Rey. Of course-You have to change the pair of strikers again ….-The coaches are in the situation that we have to find solutions. This year, last year, every year I’ve been at Atlético. We will find the solutions based on searching. – He said the other day that Marcos Llorente gives them energy …last_img