Vitoria has vibrated with the 2001 UEFA Cup final

first_imgManu García, Vitoriano and current team captain, has written that “we all remember where we lived this match. Today again that team has given us a lesson and made us feel proud to belong to this club. Even today it hurts to see them cry. What a hard ending “They will be our idols forever. It is true that we have also escaped some tear. 20 years later, and accustomed to today’s football, we have seen this final and we have realized that they were tremendous players.” May 16, 2001 is surely the most outstanding date in the history of the Alaves. That night in Dortmund, The team of Mané lost by 5 goals to 4 with almighty Liverpool. Teleport The shock was repeated tonight and the emotion has been enormous with the social networks that were fuming with messages from all points of Spain. One of the direct protagonists, Javi Moreno, commented that “that night all the fans in Spain were from Alavés. The end was very hard but you have to be proud. I had not seen the game repeated until tonight, I did not want to. But two months ago my father died and I’ve sat on the couch to remember him in honor of him. “Even Jordi Cruyff, since Ecuador, has been very excited. “Vintage football night. Remembering a memorable UEFA Cup final. We were very close. Aúpa Alavés,” he said. The game, with the own goal of Geli, has ended at 00.10 h. Some fans have come out to the windows to clap their hands, wave flags, and shout supporters. It was a magical night despite defeat.last_img