Producers Can Still Apply BSE Task Force Announced

first_imgAGRICULTURE/FISHERIES–Producers Can Still Apply, BSE Task ForceAnnounced Nova Scotia farmers have until Sept. 30 to apply for assistanceunder the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) RecoveryProgram. This federal/provincial program has made $500,000 available toassist registered farmers who sold animals between May 20 andAug. 31. Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Chris d’Entremeont has alsoannounced the establishment of a task force to deal with theimpact of BSE on farmers. “It is extremely important that we hear from farmers about theimpact of BSE on their businesses and to find out if the programsare meeting their needs,” said Mr. d’Entremont. MLA Brooke Taylor will chair the new Agricultural Task Force onBSE. Members of the task force, which will be made up of industryand government members, will be selected this week. “We have heard and read a lot about the hardships associated withBSE. The task force will provide a good opportunity for us to goto the communities and hear directly from farmers,” said Mr.Taylor. The Agricultural Task Force on BSE is expected to report back onits findings by the end of October. BSE Recovery Program inquiries should be directed to the Programsand Business Risk Management division of the Department ofAgriculture and Fisheries at 902-893-6374.last_img read more

Province Launches Municipal Financial Condition Index

first_imgMunicipalities and their residents have a new tool that gives a snapshot of the financial health of a municipality, including revenue, budget and capital assets. The Financial Condition Index (FCI) was launched today, May 15, by the Department of Municipal Affairs and the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM). “Each municipality has its own unique circumstances and the index is a tool municipal leaders can use to highlight issues, support plans for mitigating risks and help plan for the future,” said Mark Furey, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “The index ensures the financial information of each municipality is transparent and is based on facts and analysis.” The index was developed after a recommendation of the Towns Task Force and was worked on by Municipal Affairs, the UNSM and the Association of Municipal Administrators. “The Towns Task Force recognized the need for municipalities to have a serious discussion about the future,” said Kentville Mayor David Corkum, president, UNSM. “There are many demands on municipalities for new and improved services. This tool will help councils and their communities understand the financial implications of their decisions.” The index for each municipality looks at how it gets its revenue and how it budgets for municipal priorities. There are 15 indicators that show a municipality’s score, the average for its class (rural municipality and town) and the threshold, which is an achievement benchmark. Each municipality has reviewed and approved its data and provided information to explain certain indicators, unique circumstances and trends. The index is available at .last_img read more

Indias vote against NGO not linked with Palestinian cause says govt

first_imgNew Delhi: India’s vote in the UN’s ECOSOC against a Palestinian NGO should not in any way be construed as a vote against the Palestinian cause, the External Affairs Ministry said on Thursday.In a rare move, India on June 6 voted in favour of Israel in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to deny the Palestinian non-governmental organisation ‘Shahed’ the observer status, after Israel said the organisation did not disclose its ties with Hamas. MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said the vote should not be in any way be construed as a vote against the Palestinian cause. “We voted in favour of a proposal which was submitted by Israel at the Economic and Social Council of the UN for further scrutiny by the committee on NGOs. The proposal was submitted by Israel based on information that the NGO allegedly has close contacts with terrorist organisations,” he said. Kumar said the vote was is in line with India’s position on greater scrutiny by the NGO committee of the consultive status application for possible terrorist linkages and to screen the NGO application with the sanctions list of the UN Security Council before ECOSOC NGO status is granted to them. “Again, it should not be seen as something linked to the Palestinian cause. It is something we have done in the past. It was done so that proper vetting is done before it is admitted as an ECOSOC observer,” the MEA spokesperson said. The ECOSOC vote, which took place at the UN, saw countries such as the US, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UK, South Korea and Canada polling in favour of Israel, while China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and others voted against it.last_img read more

Election day Manitoba Tories seek 2nd mandate with promise of tax and

first_imgWINNIPEG — Brian Pallister is seeking a second mandate for his Progressive Conservatives in the Manitoba election today with a to-do list that includes further cost cuts and reduced taxes.Pallister won 40 of 57 seats, the largest majority government in Manitoba in a century, in 2016 after the former NDP government raised the provincial sales tax and angered voters.Pallister reversed the tax increase in July and launched the election campaign a month later, more than a year ahead of schedule.The Tories also fulfilled an election promise to reduce annual deficits, which had grown under the previous government, but the fiscal restraint has stirred up controversy.Subsidies for everything from public housing to sleep apnea machines to physiotherapy have been cut. Three hospital emergency departments in Winnipeg have been downgraded and no longer handle life-threatening cases such as heart attacks.Opinion polls have consistently suggested a sizable lead for the Tories provincewide, but a tight race with the NDP in Winnipeg, where most of the seats are. The New Democrats have focused on Pallister’s health-care reforms throughout the four-week campaign and have promised to reverse some of the changes.The same opinion polls have suggested the election is a contest between two leaders who are not popular on a personal level. Pallister has been criticized for the five or so weeks he spends each year at his vacation home in Costa Rica and for making unscripted remarks, such as when he warned of a possible “race war” over Indigenous spotlight-hunting at night.The NDP’s Wab Kinew has come under scrutiny over criminal charges that included two counts of assaulting a former girlfriend that were stayed by the Crown. He did not mention the charges in his 2015 memoir, but did write about an assault conviction on a cab driver. Left out was that, according to court records, it started when Kinew hurled racial insults at the man.Kinew has been granted a record suspension on all convictions, but the Tories have used campaign ads to highlight his legal troubles.The New Democrats are hoping to expand on the 12 legislature seats they held when the election was called. Kinew reached out on the campaign’s final day to Liberal and Green supporters and told them his party is the only one in a position to oust the Tory government.Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont won his legislature seat in a 2018 byelection that gave the party a fourth seat — the minimum for official party status.The Green party, which has never won a seat in Manitoba, is hoping for a breakthrough in Winnipeg’s Wolseley constituency, where the party finished a close second to the NDP in the last election.Steve Lambert, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Marrakech International Film Festival Opens with At Eternitys Gate

By Mohamed BellaRabat – International film stars descended on Marrakech’s Palais des Congres to celebrate the opening of the 17th Marrakech International Film Festival, Friday, November 30.Stars like academy award winner Guillermo Del Toro, “Twilight” saga star Robert Pattinson, renowned French film director Agnes Varda, Egyptian divas Laila Eloui and Youssra, American painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, and Swiss actor Vincent Perez stepped foot onto the red carpet in Marrakech. It was a night when the warmth and hospitality of Marrakech met the star-studded glamor and style of international cinema. A large crowd gathered outside the barricades to catch a glimpse of the international stars and burst into applause for each film star’s arrival.The Marrakech International Film Festival’s opening ceremony kicked-off with a jury panel led by American director James Gray. Other members of the jury are actress Dakota Johnson, director Joana Hadjithomas, Mexican director Michel Franco, French director Laurent Cantet, British director Lynne Ramsay, Moroccan filmmaker Tala Hadid, Indian actress Ileana D’Cruz, and German actor Daniel Bruhl.In his opening speech, Gray said, “I’m an American and in this moment I feel a high responsibility to at least try to represent the best side of us – the open, the hopeful and thoughtful, and enlightened side.” Gray stated that being at the festival gives him the opportunity to be “connected to another culture, another point of view and another idea of the world.”The opening ceremony was followed by a screening of Julian Schnabel’s ”At Eternity’s Gate.” The film, about the last years in the life of Vincent van Gogh played by Willem Dafoe, is a journey inside the painter’s mind. read more

Lebanon Security Council and UN officials condemn deadly Beirut bombing

“The Secretary-General is deeply troubled by the recurring acts of terrorism in Lebanon which pose a severe threat to the country’s stability and national cohesion,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement that urged all parties to act with restraint and to support the State and its security forces in preventing further attacks.“He welcomes the efforts of the Lebanese authorities and security forces to address the security challenges and to protect the country from the impact of the crisis in neighbouring Syria,” the spokesman added.In their press statement today, the 15 members of the Security Council reiterated their unequivocal condemnation of any attempt to destabilize Lebanon through political assassinations and demanded an immediate end to the use of intimidation and violence against political figures.They stressed the importance for all Lebanese parties to respect the country’s policy of disassociation and to refrain from any involvement in the Syrian crisis, consistent with their commitment in the Baabda Declaration.The Declaration, issued during a National Dialogue meeting held at the Baabda Presidential Palace in June 2012, calls for keeping Lebanon neutral in the face of regional tensions and crises. According to a press release issued today, Derek Plumbly, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, said he was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the bombing.Mr. Plumbly and the Secretary-General conveyed, as did Council members, their condolences to the families of the victims, and praised Mr. Chattah’s contributions to his country.As finance minister in the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and as foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, Mr. Chattah had served as “a tireless voice for tolerance, diversity and moderation,” Mr. Ban said. Mr. Plumbly described Mr. Chattah as “a good friend and a wise, courageous and patriotic man, who had consistently sought to promote dialogue and Lebanon’s well-being.” All of today’s statements stressed the importance of bringing to justice those responsible for what they called an act of terrorism.Additional political stresses on Lebanon due to the crisis in neighbouring Syria have been recognized by the UN-backed International Support Group for the country, which was inaugurated in New York in September on the margins of the 68th session of the General Assembly.Meeting in late November, the Group pointed to, in particular, the large influx of refugees from Syria, regretting also the lack of progress on government formation in Beirut. read more

Events Newsletter – May 2016

SMMT’s Events Newsletter for May 2016, with the latest information on SMMT, Industry and International events.Events Newsletter, May 2016. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

Mining could help make Chile a developed country technology is the key

first_imgKey personnel* from the Centre of Copper and Mining Studies (CESCO), as reported in MineraAndina, say that Chile should take on the strategic aim of becoming a producer and exporter of mining technology. “This requires the mining sector to be a key strategy of development for the next government, and not only as a source of income or another sectoral issue.“Chile has the historic opportunity to abandon subdevelopment after 200 years of independence. The signatories here believe that the mining sector would allow Chile to take that definite leap. Hence, the opportunities and challenges that this offers should be worked out and incorporated into government programs in a wide ranging and comprehensive manner, distinct from that which is predominant today, passing from being the main pillar and revenue producer of Chile to being on the platform of development.“As the election of a new Chilean President draws close, mining related issues have centered around the workers’ conflict in Chuquicamata and the necessity of more resources to finance the new government’s program proposals. Beyond the sovereign definition of taxes that the country wishes to apply, the challenges and opportunities of the Chilean mining industry have gone way beyond royalty and Codelco. In the last 30 years, a worldclass leading industry in size, quality, technological significance and national human capital on a large scale has been built, which offers Chile the possibility of breaking historical ties of technological and financial dependence that has prevented the country from becoming a developed country.“Incomparably favorable international conditions – derived from the high growth phase of emerging countries like China, India and Brazil spell an increased demand of raw materials in the coming years. And Chile is one of the few countries in the world with the capacity to generate the mining resources that are so intensely sought after.“Our country has no other industry like mining which is capable of making the leap toward the industries of the future biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technologies. There is no better place than our country to develop technological solutions in crucial matters for the future of global mining, such as in the improvement of use and supply of water and energy, automation and control, underground mining and biotechnology. The big challenge lies in converting these and other emerging issues into opportunities for general knowledge and national entrepreneurship, thus achieving, not only a more sustainable mining business, but a national industry that is internationally competitive, closing the technological gap which has always separated us from the more advanced countries.“In order to reach this objective, Chile should take on the strategic purpose of converting itself into a producer and exporter of mining technology, This requires the mining sector to be a key strategy of development for the next government, and not only as a source of income or another sectoral issue.“The above requires leadership from the government to go beyond what is traditional. It is necessary to create conditions of trust and a genuine public-private commitment about this strategy.“The paradigm of ‘milking the cow’ which considers mining to be just a source of profit and consequently, does not require any other consideration to transform itself into an engine of productive development and national technology, remains to be replaced.“Other fundamental challenges exist for the mining sector, such as in assuring Codelco’s competitiveness as a large global company, in leading in the environmental standards of the global mining industry, and in modernising the institution and public administration. Another would be in taking advantage of the ample room for national entrepreneurship of small and medium mining which is not happening now, such as in dealing with the paradoxical absence of the mining sector on the Chilean Exchange, and with the slow development of exportation through junior Chilean companies – two issues that reveal the lack of connection of the mining sector with the business world and with national entrepreneurship.“Chile has a great chance of achieving development. This is the correct time to produce more and better mining, taking into account the unprecedented demand that cannot be maintained indefinitely. Taking advantage of this chance requires decisive action now.“This motivates us to make this call to those who aspire to lead the country by giving the mining sector a main role in order to achieve development.”*Patrick Cussen, Cristián Quinzio, Leopoldo Reyes, Gustavo Lagos, Ricardo Olivares, Iván Valenzuela, Silvio Giradi, Ernesto Tirón, Juan Carlos Guajardo, Jorge Bande, Fernando Sánchez Albavera, Juan Eduardo Herrera, Juan O’Brien, Juan Ignacio Guzmán, Owen Guerrini, Jaime Bravo and Jorge Moránlast_img read more

Men assaulted by pair armed with wheel brace and baseball bat during

first_img Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast Image: Google Maps 11 Comments Feb 17th 2018, 7:16 PM Share8 Tweet Email1 Saturday 17 Feb 2018, 7:16 PM Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast Men assaulted by pair armed with wheel brace and baseball bat during Belfast burglary The PSNI are appealing for witnesses to come forward. By Hayley Halpincenter_img TWO MEN HAVE been assaulted during an aggravated burglary in Belfast, Northern Ireland.Sometime after 5pm on Thursday evening, a man and a woman entered a flat on Connsbrook Avenue and assaulted the two men.The female was armed with a baseball bat and the male had what is believed to be a wheel brace.They assaulted one of the two men and when the second man tried to intervene he was assaulted too.The man and the woman then fled the scene.PSNI detectives are appealing for witnesses and information following the incident.Detective Sergeant Gardiner is asking anyone with information to contact police at Musgrave Criminal Investigation Branch quoting reference 1289 15/02/18.Alternatively, information can also be provided to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.Read: This is what a cell in Mountjoy Prison looks likeMore: 13 killed after helicopter crashes as it made way to Mexico earthquake epicentre Image: Google Maps 7,691 Views Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Taoiseach heading to Washington DC for annual St Patricks Day meeting with

first_img US President Donald Trump as he meets Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office of the White House last year. Image: Niall Carson 45 Comments Mar 12th 2019, 6:01 AM As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Taoiseach heading to Washington DC for annual St Patrick’s Day meeting with Donald Trump Leo Varadkar will also travel to Chicago this year. Image: Niall Carson 8,685 Views By Christina Finn Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article US President Donald Trump as he meets Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office of the White House last year. Tuesday 12 Mar 2019, 6:00 AM TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR is to travel to the United States this week to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Washington DC and Chicago.Yesterday, the Taoiseach was forced to delay his travel plans after moves were afoot with Brexit. However, it is understood that his plans had always been flexible and he will be heading to the States today.As is tradition, Varadkar will meet with US President Donald Trump, with their meeting due to be held in the White House Oval Office on Thursday. On that day, the Taoiseach will first be hosted for breakfast by Vice President Mike Pence.Controversy surrounded this meeting last year, after the media were shut out from the meeting, which is usually open to the press. It is not yet clear what the arrangements will be this year, or whether Varadkar’s partner Matt Barrett will attend. Last year, Pence told the Taoiseach that both he and Barrett, would be welcome in Pence’s home if he decides to attend this year. After breakfast, Varadkar will attend the annual Speaker’s Lunch on Capitol Hill, and meet with senior members of Congress.The bowl of shamrock That evening, the Taoiseach will join Trump and his wife Melania, for the traditional Shamrock Ceremony at the White House, in advance of attending the Ambassador’s St Patrick’s Day Reception.In his meetings he will also emphasise the strength of Irish-US relations, and will recall the important role of the US in supporting peace and the Good Friday Agreement, and outline Ireland’s position on Brexit.He will also press the case for resolving the situation facing the undocumented Irish in America.The Taoiseach has said this year’s visit is an opportunity to deepen Ireland’s strong bilateral relations with the US, and to build even stronger transatlantic relations between the US and the EU.During his stay in Washington, Varadkar will also focus on economic links, with a series of meetings to promote trade and investment between the US and Ireland.The Taoiseach will also meet representatives of Irish companies successfully expanding their operations in the US.Irish businessesHe will also meet the US Chamber of Commerce and IDA client companies, highlighting Ireland’s strengths as a location for international business and investment.Varadkar will also attend the annual Ireland Funds Gala Dinner, and visit the exhibition ‘Blazing a Trail: Irish Women in America’.After four days in Washington DC, the Taoiseach will travel to Chicago. He is due to meet with a number of emigrant support groups that receive Irish Government funding, and will attend a St Patrick’s Day dinner hosted by the Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago.On Saturday, the Taoiseach will march in the Chicago St Patrick’s Day Parade, before concluding his programme by marking the launch of Tourism Ireland’s new book, ‘Ireland’s Greening of the World’, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Global Greening Initiative.Tánaiste Simon Coveney, who is staying in Europe due to the unpredictability of Brexit, said yesterday that the traditional pilgrimage by ministers abroad for St Patrick’s Day is somewhat different this year due to Brexit. He said St Patrick’s Day is a really important time of year for the Irish government to get their message across abroad, however, he said this year they have ensured that “key decision-makers” are where they need to be in order to deal with any Brexit-related decision or fallout.’s Political Correspondent Christina Finn will be bringing you all the latest updates from Leo Varadkar’s visit to Washington DC this week, including his meeting with US President Donald Trump on Thursday.Stay up-to-date by following @christinafinn8, @TJ_Politics  and’s Facebook page.  Short URL Share2 Tweet Email last_img read more

Latmosphère terrestre sest oxygénée plus tôt quon ne pensait

first_imgL’atmosphère terrestre s’est oxygénée plus tôt qu’on ne pensaitUne étude canado-danoise menée sur des formations géologiques d’Afrique du Sud suggère que l’oxygène, libérée par les premiers organismes à photosynthèse, est apparue dans l’atmosphère terrestre au moins 700 millions d’années plus tôt que ne le pensait la communauté scientifique.Dépourvue d’oxygène durant au moins les premières centaines de millions d’années d’existence de notre planète (apparue il y a 4,5 à 5 milliards d’années), l’atmosphère terrestre s’est peu à peu enrichie en ce précieux gaz vital. Comment ? Grâce aux bactéries photosynthétiques, qui  absorbaient le CO2 pour rejeter de l’oxygène (O2) par leur fonctionnement métabolique. Mais à quand remontent les débuts de ce “grand événement de l’oxygénation” (“Great Oxygenation Event”), comme l’appellent les Anglosaxons ?À il y a 2,3 milliards d’années, estimaient les précédentes études. Non : à 3 milliards d’années ! disent aujourd’hui des chercheurs de l’Université de Colombie-Britannique (Canada) et de l’Université de Copenhague (Danemark). Au cours d’une étude publiée dans la revue Nature, ces scientifiques ont en effet analysé la composition chimique des plus anciens sols connus sur Terre situés en Afrique du Sud et vieux de 3 milliards d’années. Ils y ont trouvé des indices de faibles concentrations en oxygène atmosphérique, suggérant qu’à cette époque l’oxygénation avait donc déjà démarré.”Nous avons toujours su que la production d’oxygène par photosynthèse a finalement conduit à l’oxygénation de l’atmosphère et à l’évolution de la vie aérobie. Cette étude suggère maintenant que le processus a commencé très tôt dans l’histoire de la Terre, et soutient l’idée d’une plus grande ancienneté de la photosynthèse, productrice d’oxygène, puis de la vie aérobie”, explique Sean Crowe, du Département de microbiologie et d’immunologie de la Terre, de l’océan et de l’atmosphère à l’Université de Colombie-Britannique, et auteur principal de l’étude.Un processus plus précoce et plus long À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Aujourd’hui, l’atmosphère de la Terre est constituée à 20% d’oxygène, toujours grâce à des bactéries photosynthétiques mais aussi aux végétaux chlorophylliens, apparus plus tard, qui, eux aussi, fabriquent leurs propres nutriments à partir de la photosynthèse. Mais si cette oxygénation a démarré plus tôt, cela veut également dire que le processus a été plus long pour en arriver là où nous en sommes aujourd’hui, relèvent les chercheurs.”Ces résultats laissent penser qu’il a fallu beaucoup de temps aux processus géologiques et biologiques pour se combiner et produire l’atmosphère riche en oxygène dont nous jouissons aujourd’hui”, conclut ainsi Lasse Døssing, de l’Université de Copenhague, co-auteur de l’étude.Le 27 septembre 2013 à 10:18 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Hospital visits in Clark County up during wildfires

first_imgAs the climate changes and wildfires are becoming more frequent, data and studies are starting to demonstrate how wildfire smoke can have adverse health effects, even for those who are miles away from the fire.Clark County Public Health epidemiologist Kathleen Lovgren briefed the Clark County Board of Health at a Wednesday meeting. Public Health’s own research shows that emergency department visits spiked in Clark and Multnomah counties during the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge.“Exposure to wildfire smoke can lead to exacerbations of asthma and COPD, especially from people who already suffer from those conditions,” Lovgren said. “There’s a possible association with cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes and a growing body of evidence to show association with pneumonia and bronchitis and other respiratory infections. But there’s a lot more research we still need and lot more questions we have.”The Eagle Creek Fire was started Sept. 2, 2017, by a Vancouver teenager and lasted into November. The worst air quality days during the fire occurred Sept. 4 through 6, when Lovgren said it seemed like it was raining ash outside, and air quality reached hazardous levels.There were more than 160 asthma-related emergency department visits in Clark and Multnomah counties Sept. 5, 2017. That is about twice as many visits as there were in the days leading up to the fire.last_img read more

Lennon hails gigantic Celtic icon Billy McNeill

first_imgThe first Briton to lift the European Cup in 1967 died yesterday at the age of 79 after battling with dementia.If you want to talk about Celtic’s legends, you always have to talk about former Scottish defender Billy McNeill.William McNeill played for the Scottish Premier League team all his professional career, from 1957 to 1975 winning the European Cup in the 1966-1967 season.But he also managed the team twice, winning four league championships, three Scottish Cups and one Scottish League Cup.McNeill passed away yesterday at the age of 79, and current Celtic boss Neil Lennon wanted to pay tribute to a club legend.“When you think of Celtic and our incredible history, Billy is always one of the first names that come to mind,” Lennon was quoted by the BBC.“He was our greatest-ever captain and one of our greatest-ever players, and along with his team-mates, achieved historic things for Celtic in the 1960s and 70s.”Mikey Johnston, CelticJohnston is disappointed after being injured Manuel R. Medina – September 11, 2019 Celtic winger Mikey Johnston was disappointed to miss Scotland Under 21 national team’s victories over San Marino and Croatia, and he hopes he can return to play soon.He added: “I love Billy’s statue, which is the first thing you see whenever you walk up The Celtic Way. It’s the perfect image of him, holding aloft the European Cup, and it will remind future generations of supporters of what a great Celtic man he was.”“Billy set the benchmark as a Celtic player and captain, and that’s something everyone who pulls on the jersey has to aspire to,” Scott Brown said.“It is often said that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, but with Billy, as with all the Lisbon Lions, meeting them has always been a wonderful experience,” chief executive Peter Lawwell continued.“They have remained humble men, regardless of their incredible achievements as Celtic players, embodying everything that is good and positive about Celtic Football Club.”Rest in peace, Cesar. You’ll Never Walk Alone.— Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) April 23, 2019last_img read more

Herrera slams runaway spending

first_imgRepublican congressional candidate Jaime Herrera told an enthusiastic Vancouver Rotary Club crowd Wednesday that more government spending isn’t the way to solve the nation’s unemployment crisis. The real culprit standing in the way of economic recovery, she said, is the federal government’s “runaway spending,” and both political parties are to blame. Herrera, a state representative who lives in Camas, said what she is hearing on the campaign trail is that business owners “don’t need a bailout.” Instead, she said, they want government to get out of their way and stop driving up the federal deficit. As an assistant to Eastern Washington Republican U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers during the Bush administration, she said she had a front-row seat “to watch the Republicans self-destruct” when they drove up the deficit and grew the size of government. That trend has accelerated under the Obama administration, she said, with the $787 billion federal stimulus last year, a $26 billion state bailout this summer and President Barack Obama’s latest proposal to spend $50 billion on transportation infrastructure.On a day when Clark County learned its August unemployment rate had jumped to 13.9 percent, Herrera noted that both she and Denny Heck, her Democratic opponent in the hotly contested 3rd Congressional District race, are talking about how to stimulate job growth. “But the way we get to job creation is very, very different,” Herrera said. “He believes more federal spending is going to get us out of this,” she said in an interview. “I believe the spending is what is causing the uncertainty,” because businesses are worried about footing the bill.last_img read more

Jilted raped dumped

first_img.Yet another young girl was raped, most likely by the accomplices of her boyfriend, in the city on Friday night, initial statements of the girl suggest.Local people rescued the teenager ‘rape victim’ in serious condition from under a roadside bench in Mirpur area, where she was dumped. The girl said some young men raped her in a hotel.The girl aged about 16, hailing from Tangail, alleged that she came to Dhaka following a promise of marriage. She left home with her boyfriend who kept her waiting in a place somewhere in Badda but he did not come back there.Then, a young man took her to a hotel, instead of helping her to reach the relative’s house in Gazipur, according to the girl who could not name hotel or the place.She could not speak properly due to her physical condition, witnesses said. She just alleged that she was raped in a hotel.Sazzad Hossain, a security guard, said he and his wife found the girl at Mirpur-10 on Friday night. They brought the blood-stained girl to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.”We first took her to a local clinic and she was then shifted to Dhaka Medical (College Hospital),” Sazzad told Prothom Alo over telephone.Shah Ali police station officer-in-charge M Anwar Hossain said they will talk to the girl once her condition improves.A number of similar incidents of rape and even killing took place in the past few months, causing serious concern for the society.last_img read more

Urdu Drama Festival to begin on 13 Oct

first_imgThe Urdu Academy will be inaugurating the six-day Urdu Drama Festival on 13 October at Sri Ram Centre in Mandi House. To depict the composite lingual culture of Delhi, Urdu Academy started organising six days Urdu Drama Festival in the year 1988. Urdu Academy,  Delhi is the only organisation which has consistently organised Urdu drama festivals since last 26 years. The academy stages Urdu Plays in Urdu Drama Festival every year. More and more prominent drama troupes are coming forward now to stage Urdu Plays on a variety of topics such as social inequality, historical characters, students problems, communal harmony, the old culture of Delhi among others. This years’ Urdu Drama Festival is being dedicated to eminent scholar and writer Begum Qudsia Zaidi and Khwaja Ahmed Abbas.last_img read more

How Startups Can Be Invited to the Big IoT Party

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Enroll Now for Free 7 min read The Internet of Things (IoT) is billed as a multitrillion-dollar party, and thousands of startups are knocking on the door. But, who will be let in and invited to stay?In my experience, too many startups are locked out of IoT because they show up with the wrong game plan. So, how do you open the door of the IoT opportunity? The first step is to throw assumptions and principles that worked in the previous technology waves out the window.The disconnect started a few years ago. IoT hype accelerated after Google bought Nest and Gartner placed IoT at the top of its hype cycle for two years running. IoT became the hottest ticket on the planet as new IoT tradeshows and media outlets attracted a global influx of startups aligning themselves to this market transition. In fact, according to Angel List, the number of business-to-business IoT startups soared more than six-fold between 2013 and 2015 — from 127 to 940.Related: The Next Big Opportunity for Tech Entrepreneurs? ‘Smart’ Homes.Understand your place to play.Initially, many of these startups presented themselves as horizontal IoT platform companies — providing broad capabilities that enable IoT applications across all kinds of industries. They followed the recipe that worked in technology before IoT: Develop a horizontal value proposition or find a way to attract millions of users to your platform. They tried to appeal to multiple industrial segments or masses of consumers by making “middleware” that connects various sensors — often-proprietary devices specialized in a particular application and industry — and other end devices. For a while, the onslaught of these IoT startups was so great that I stopped meeting with them all together. Unfortunately, many soon discovered that they were stuck in a no-man’s land: They did not have differentiated horizontal offerings, and they lacked vertical market expertise. So, where was their place to play?Startups viewing IoT as a new horizontal market must adjust to new realities. IoT changes the established technology paradigm. The typical vertical markets associated with IoT applications include industrial segments such as manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, and mining, as well as other markets such as agriculture, retail, insurance, healthcare, education and smart cities. Each of these huge markets has many submarkets, and even within each submarket there are many overlapping, often long-standing ecosystems. For example, think of car manufacturers in Europe versus the United States; each has its own vocabulary, technologies, supply chain and challenges. With few exceptions, IoT deployments are in “brownfield” environments, where innovations have to coexist with legacy technologies and processes. What all these submarkets have in common are their business challenges, the need for business-driven solutions and the desire to improve operational performance while generating new revenue streams.Related: How the Internet of Things Inspired a New Startup NicheKnow your customer.As a result, my first guidance to startups is to make sure you have a deep understanding of your customer’s industry, priorities and business challenges. And specifically, you need to understand your customer’s role within the company: Is she responsible for line-of-business (LoB) decisions? Does he manage IT? Are they driving advanced research, or driving the business? Do they own the budget to deploy the solution in production? Customers no longer have the time or patience for technology experiments.A few years ago, I chatted with the person in charge of oil field operations for a major oil and gas company. I wanted to talk about solutions, but he saw my company as just an infrastructure provider and directed me to work with one of his system integrators if I wanted to become part of the solution he would consider buying. Amazingly, he did agree to meet with me for a follow-up conversation. This time, I brought along an industry expert, and the conversation ended quite differently. The oil executive was now raving about how we understood his business problems, how we had answers to his top priorities, and how we spoke the same language.Related: How to Make Your First IoT Product a Great OneThe lesson here is to step outside of the traditional role of a technology company that sells to IT, service providers, or consumers. The goal of IoT is to address the specific care-abouts of LoB decision makers in specific vertical markets. More and more, LoB executives are the ones making technology purchase decisions. In fact, 70 percent of customers who visit Cisco’s customer experience centers are LoB leaders.Choose your path to success.How do you get access to this major technology-buying center? You have two options:1. Take a horizontal approach and partner for vertical expertise. Develop a differentiated horizontal module that can fit into vertical solutions. Your module could address security, connectivity, real-time analytics, visualization or any other broad IoT capability. Build relationships with large horizontal players who have vertical ecosystems, or work directly with vertical players to get your module designed into vertical solutions. That way, you don’t have to become a vertical expert in order to sell into vertical markets. You can focus on developing the best horizontal technology based on input from your partners and their customers.2. Alternatively, you can go deep into one market segment. Focus on one use case in one market or sub market. Perhaps you have a remote asset management solution for oil and gas. Or predictive maintenance software for mining equipment. The key to success in this scenario is to build deep relationships with customers and truly understand their industry and their business — from history to technologies, regulations, culture and organizational constraints. Don’t think that you have to have a broad reach to be successful. Many industry submarkets have huge total addressable markets. Thus, you can focus on one or two use cases in one or two vertical segments and build a successful business.Related: 9 Examples of How the Internet of Things Is Already Disrupting Just About EverythingDon’t go it alone.Both of these options require one more thing — and it’s one of the basic tenets of working in IoT: Know your unique role in the larger partner ecosystem. No company today can go it alone at the IoT party. It’s like a swing dance where you constantly change partners depending on the project. You’ll need to partner with vertical players, horizontal solution providers, global vendors and other startups. Companies that try to do it all may find themselves as a party of one.And because your platform must interoperate flawlessly with other parts of the solution, you will have to work closely with key standards bodies and industry consortia. Traditionally, sensors, actuators and other sources of IoT data all operate under different proprietary protocols. However, the industry is now working to standardize interfaces, formats, and foundational data fields. For example, they are establishing uniform ways to express “temperature” or “pressure” values — so that if a drill bit is running too hot, the system can understand that and send an alert. This sort of basic interoperability is critical to fit your horizontal module or vertical capability into a comprehensive IoT solution.  And that’s it. Once you pick the option you want to follow and build your partner ecosystem, the door will open. Welcome to the IoT party. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. July 5, 2017last_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling There’s no inside information here. Just really good insight.The Arizona Cardinals face a franchise-altering choice with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. They can draft Kyler Murray, putting the offense in the hands of a non-traditional signal-caller led by a non-traditional head-coaching hire.Or they can stick to their guns and let head coach Kliff Kingsbury guide second-year quarterback Josh Rosen, last year’s No. 10 overall draft pick. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Former Cardinals quarterbacks Kurt Warner (Getty Images/Miikka Skaffari), left, and Carson Palmer, right (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack). 38:00 – Was it ever weird that Palmer went from the young guy on the bench learning from Jon Kitna, to then Kitna being on the bench watching Palmer start?39:00 – Did Warner feel bad that he wasn’t the first person to call Eli after finding out Kitna was the first to call Palmer?40:55 – What advice would they give Josh Rosen if he called Warner or Palmer?44:45 – How do you handle being the Heisman trophy winner and the No. 1 overall pick? What is something that Murray would have no idea to prepare for until he goes through it?50:00 – How would drafting back-to-back QBs impact the locker room?52:00 – How would Palmer have felt if the Bengals drafted a QB in the first round the year after drafting him?57:00 – Are sometimes the wrong guys asking the wrong questions of Murray or Rosen in the evaluation process?1:00:20 – What is the definition of a franchise QB in 2019?1:00:45 – Is the dropback QB dead or should it be?1:07:35 – If Warner and Palmer had the No. 1 overall pick, what would they do?1:11:25 – Do they buy the narrative that certain QBs fit a certain offense better than somebody else?1:15:30 – Palmer tells a story about Warner that Warner has never heard 2 Comments   Share   center_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo We don’t know what they’ll do with this quarterback conundrum, but we know who to ask to make the best educated guess. Doug & Wolf from 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station went to decorated former Cardinals quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer for answers.Related LinksArizona Cardinals schedule offers early comfort zone for Kliff KingsburyThe 5: Most intriguing matchups on schedule for Cardinals in 2019Arizona Cardinals’ 2019 schedule includes Halloween TNF clashIn a special podcast, “Cardinals QB1: The Franchise Focus,” Warner and Palmer dish on what it’s like to be a franchise quarterback, the narrative surrounding Rosen’s uncertain future with Arizona as the draft nears, and what Murray could potentially bring to the desert.You can find a list of topics covered in the hour-plus interview with the two former franchise quarterbacks below.0:02 – What is it like to be a franchise QB?8:00 – How hard is it for guys with iffy character to handle the pressure of being a franchise QB?11:43 – Was it hard to walk away from the responsibility of being a franchise QB and become a civilian?21:57 – How do you know a QB loves the game?31:10 – What did you think when Rosen was the first guy in the building as offseason workouts began?33:45 – Should the Cardinals give Rosen an explanation of their non-commitment? How should they handle Rosen? Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

The Baur au Lac Zurichs home from home for royal

first_imgThe Baur au Lac, Zurich’s home from home for royalty, presidents and the jet set for more than 165 years, is completing a $50,000,000 renovation. Centerpiece of the transformation is the reinvention of the hotel’s Pavillon restaurant, long a Zurich favorite for locals and visitors. Formerly in operation only in the summer, the Pavillon is now open year-round, taking full advantage of the Baur au Lac’s city-center yet pastoral setting – with views of the hotel’s park and the waters of Lake Zurich. The adjacent outdoor Terrasse has also been transformed into a chic and informal indoor-outdoor space ideal for drinks, dining and people watching throughout the summer period. Both “projects” have been master-minded by Pierre-Yves Rochon.Owned and operated by the same family since it was built in 1844, the Baur au Lac has never stopped evolving and has always maintained its leading position among the great hotels of the world. The hotel is currently led by sixth generation hotelier Andrea Kracht, who has overseen the entire renovation project. At his side are General Manager, Michel Rey, and his wife Viviane Rey, who just as Mr. Rey’s father before him, have overseen several major renovations, each raising the bar for comfort and service at this Zurich institution.Rooms and River Suite In addition to the new Pavillon restaurant and “Terrasse,” 32 of the hotel’s rooms and suites have been redesigned and reconfigured into 22 larger suites, junior suites and deluxe double rooms. A new rooftop patio with panoramic views can accommodate 15 to 20 people for small receptions. All suites at the Baur au Lac are now equipped with Bose sound systems, and all of the hotel’s guest rooms feature flat screen television, iPod docking stations, wireless Internet and mini-bars.Dining The Pavillon features a new menu concept to accompany the new design, best described as “contemporary fine dining” with modern interpretations of classical French cuisine. Chef Laurent Eperon cooks in a simple yet dynamic style and has created menus that change quarterly. Sommelier Aurélien Blanc has assembled an inventive wine list selected from the Baur au Lac’s own extensive wine cellar. The sophisticated ambience, informed by the designs of Pierre-Yves Rochon, is the perfect complement to the lighter, fresher touch of the cuisine.www.bauraulac.chlast_img read more